Kit Kat is a “sure win” in Japan

Kit Kat is huge in japan, HUGE. Kit Kat made their mark in Japanese candy culture by stumbling onto a genius marketing strategy. The name Kit Kat closely resembles the phrase, “Kitto Katsu” which translates to “surely win” a phrase normally used to wish students luck before they take their exams.

With that happy coincidence they became a beloved novelty and a staple in the hearts of japanese candy lovers. Since its introduction into the Japanese market over 200 special edition flavors have been developed, they include brandy orange, purple potato, matcha green tea and many, many, more. Scroll through some of the 200 flavors below.

(Edaname soy bean)


(Purple sweet potato)


(Hot Japanese pepper) 


(Matcha green tea)


(Red bean sandwich)




(Midnight eagle, just plain white chocolate but the name is killer)


(Brandy and orange)

(Creamy English tea)



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